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Jillian "Jilly B" Braverman

Mission Statement:

Pickleball is joy. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

About Jill

One of the most exciting female players to watch, Braverman (aka "Jilly B") has been ranked as high as No. 3 in singles and top 16 in doubles. She has captained both her MLP teams, winning one Championship title and one MVP award. A former tech CEO and startup founder, Jilly B loves bringing her entrepreneurial spirit to creating funny, viral digital content, and her podcast--"This Pickleball Life". Braverman has one of the most loyal and engaged fan bases in pro pickleball. 



​Total Reach

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  • YouTube
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  • Twitter


Challenger MVP

2023 MLP San Clemente

Dallas Pickleball Club

2023 Dink Awards Nominee

1. Most Influential Voice

2. Best Podcast

3. Best On Court Antics

Viral Video

What is Pickleball?” 6mm+ views

jilly mvp mlp.jpeg
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2024 Sponsors

  • Monster Energy's Reign Storm Clean Energy Drinks

  • Mizuno Shoes

  • Hesacore Grips

  • ProBand Wearable Anti-Inflammatory Relief

  • GRUVN Paddles

  • RuK Pack Solar Backpacks

  • Halara Clothing


Renewal Rate: 100%


  • Free agent, playing MLP, PPA, and APP

  • 2024 current partners: ​

    • Jorja Johnson

    • Gabriel Tardio

    • CJ Klinger

    • Jaume Martinez-Vich

    • Jack Munro

    • Christine Maddox

    • Kaitlyn Christian

    • Alli Phillips

  • Playing Singles in Select Events

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