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Wanna play like Jilly B? Start by using her favorite products!

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The Jilly B Supplement Stack

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Taking KetoneIQ is like the limitless pill. When I play pro tournaments, the last thing I want before returning serve is a random thought to pop into my head "did I pay the gardener before we left?" MONKEY MIND is a real thing! But when I take Ketone IQ I get tunnel-vision focused. I'm sharp, the world moves in slow motion, and I can think clearly. 

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I take Redmonds Re-Lyte electrolyte mix with a tall glass of water every single morning, OR just some Redomonds mineralized "real salt". I love Redmonds because the salt is mineralized and is from a mine in Utah. We are missing so many minerals from our diet due to long term soil depletions and REAL salt is so important in our diet. Starting off your day (before coffee) with a big glass of water + salt + electrolytes sets an incredible tone for your mind and body. (Code/Link Forthcoming).

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I love THORNE creatine and take 5g daily (important: take at the same time every day). I'll cycle 9 months on, 3 months off. THORNE is the best, cleanest creatine I have found and they have a bevy of other high quality nutritional supplements. (Discount Link/Code Forthcoming)


Since taking ARMRA colostrum every morning for the past 90 days, I have not been sick ONE TIME. And this includes two cross country trips post tournament when I'm super run down and highly susceptible to getting sick. Why colostrum? I'll let the clinical results speak for themselves:

-87% experienced faster fitness recovery

-83% reported improvements in performance stamina

-80% experienced improvements in strength & endurance

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Danger Coffee

Do you think it's important that the coffee you drink every single morning doesn't have mold in it? We do. Which is why we switched to Danger Coffee, the ONLY remineralized and guaranteed mold-free coffee brand and the difference we have felt is simply outrageous. No jitters. No heart palpitations. Did you know that regular coffee actually depletes your body of minerals and electrolytes. Danger has > 50 trace minerals, nutrients, and electrolytes, leaving me feeling energized, engaged, and powerful. (Code/Link Forthcoming). 


Code JILLYB for 15% off. I take a tablespoon of Olympic Rx and Neural Rx every morning. Why? Olympic Rx supports your ATP levels by providing antioxidant protection to your mitochondria. In layman's terms, you get to use MORE of your muscle potential (did you know we only use 20-25% but up to 80% in flight or fight?). Neural Rx gives you more power in your brain (literally!), decreases neural inflammation and removes plaques and proteins while stimulating new neurons (neurogenesis).


Studies suggest .7-1.0g of protein per lb of body weight. This isn't easy to achieve! Every morning I take a scoop of Paleo Valley Grass Fed Bone Broth Protein Powder. I ONLY trust Paleo Valley because they don't use animal HIDES in their protein blends (like popular brands VITAL PROTEINS uses). They also ensure the animals are pasture raised and truly grass fed and finished. I eat their beef sticks for quick protein snacks and it's incredible how much one stick can fill you up. Other products I like: the Organ Complex. In short, I really trust Paleo Valley for my supplement needs.


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Qualia NAD+

I take QUALIA NAD+ daily to increase my NAD+ levels. NAD plays a crucial role in cell metabolism and energy production. I take Qualia Mind to keep my mind as high functioning as possible. Qualia mind has the rare Ayurvedic nootropic herb known as intellect tree, Celastrus paniculatus. (Discount Link/Code Forthcoming). 


See below for links and discount codes.

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