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"Pickleball is Joy. Positivity wins." -Jilly B

Jilly B is a former tech CEO, startup founder, and collegiate D1 scholarship tennis player (Pepperdine University). Formerly CEO of DUPR and Chief of Staff at MLP, Jill left her corporate jobs behind to pursue professional pickleball full-time in March 2023. Jill has been ranked as high as #3 in singles and top 20 in doubles and is the 2023 MLP Challenger Champion and winner of the Most Valuable Player Award. She has captained both The Dallas Pickleball Club (Mark Cuban & John Isner’s pickleball team) and The New York Hustlers (Lebron James’ pickleball team). Jill and her better 3/4 K-Dubs are passionate about sharing the joy of pickleball and are co-hosts of the podcast “This Pickleball Life”, where they split time telling jokes, sharing the behind-the-scenes life of a touring pickleball pro, and even exposing hard truths and breaking stories about the pickleball industry. In the small amount of time they aren’t playing, talking, or thinking about pickleball, Jill and Kristin love to golf, ski, read, and create humorous videos that share their love and passion for the sport. 


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